We have an experienced team of software developers EvviSoft. We offer our professional abilities in the field of web and mobile services. At the moment, our offices are located in the United States and Ukraine. EvviSoft team flexibility helps to adapt to any business and business models an environment that strives to improve your workflow. EvviSoft team uses a few basic principles: each project is unique, and it should differ among the rest; we consider each new project as a challenge, as an opportunity to do our best to get on a higher level. Many customers return to us asking us to realize their new business ideas.




EvviSoft team can not stay away from the fast-growing mobile platform Google. Our technical team is an important niche in the development of applications for Android, which improves the performance of business processes and positively affect the strategic development of your company business (56% of mobile users per month make purchases via smartphone). We strive to develop Android applications that allow you to reach the greatest number of potential customers.



EvviSoft company offers a wide range of solutions for Apple IOS. Our professional mobile app developers will develop a masterpiece that will meet your business needs and will positively impact your revenue (38% of daily users spend over 30 minutes viewing mobile apps). Paid applications characterize your ad and generate additional revenue.



EvviSoft's software development team brings together experienced web developers to provide a full range of high-quality software to our valued customers worldwide. Our knowledge in various business areas leads to incomes of the middle class, as well as corporate business. Creating a site is the best marketing solution, since the number of people who are actively using the basic features of the Internet is increasing day by day.



Web Design is a graphic image and style. To attract customers, the resource should not just be unique in its number. The main criteria are ease of use, originality, relevance to the subject and that everything has been wrapped up in quality modern web design! EvviSoft offers the services of the best designers, attracting an international class of professionals to develop unique and outstanding graphic design solutions targeted to your audience.



Information and Technical support of the site. Our company EvviSoft is engaged in the services of site administration, site updates and their modernization. You win the most precious time. You and your employees will have more time to deal with their main business. We will do all technical work on the maintenance of your website . You will definitely win in quality. Very often in the company, the role of the site administrator or content manager is provided to an employee who does not have the necessary skills to deal with these issues. It's time to professionally approach the support of your site.



Search engine optimization of a site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - is the basic tool for reception of target visitors with the greatest efficiency. The EvviSoft team's promotion methods will show your site to the target audience without exposing the site to the risk of filtering. Our work is based on a deep analysis of each site to determine the most effective keywords, which in turn provides the customer with the target consumers. Promoting the site, setting up conversion tracking, based on the collected KPI, we evaluate the effectiveness of SEO for your business resource. SEO strategy from EvviSoft is a comprehensive resource development aimed at winning your business a niche on the Internet. SEO is an investment.



Google - the most popular search engine of the world. Incredible flexibility of settings in the process of working with Google AdWords depends on the changing tasks set by the client or analyst. Accordingly, your advertisement will be seen by millions of people. The exact choice of the target audience means that advertising can be seen only by those users who need your product or service. Correct setting of sales on the Internet reduces your expenses for the advertising publication Google AdWords.



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